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Ages 2-5

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Every month our combo classes will take on a new theme for the month! Along with a monthly theme your child will learn new skills every month to continue to push them towards success. Our teachers here at Pointe of Grace Dance Studio strive for our students to learn dance in a way that is most understandable for their age. We believe in pushing all of our students to new heights!

The last week of every month you will be invited into your child's class to view what they are learning that month in their ballet and tap classes. 

Parents will come in to view the class 15 minutes through, they will watch a demonstration in ballet class, change their childs shoes, watch a demonstration in tap class, and then head back to the lobby for the children to finish the remainder of their class (or vice versa if they start with tap).

Weeks of class viewing: 

January 30- February 3

February 27- March 3

No March or April Demonstrations- as we prepare for recital

May 29- June 2

March 2017 "Fairy Garden"

Every month this page will be updated with the current months theme, a corresponding coloring page, and the skill set they will be working on in both ballet and tap class. 

Princess Ballerina Skill Set:


2 year olds:

5th position arms, pas de chat (step of the cat), chassè leap

3 year olds:

All arm positions, pique turns, soutè arabesque

4-5 year olds: 

pique turns, soutè arabesque, ballet positions 1 through 5 for feet, introduce waltz  

Tap-Tastic Tappers Skill Set:

This month classes will be focusing on isolation of different parts of the feet and combining them.

2 year olds:

 toe drops, heels drops, spank (pulls), irish (traveling)

3 year olds:

 rolling shuffles, cramp roll, flap heel heel, 

scuff, scuff tap walk

4-5 year olds: 

scuff, scuff tap walk, ball heel walks (adding shuffle), ball ball heel heel drops, back flaps

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