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Pointe of Grace Dance Studio Presents:

The Wonder of Christmas 

Show Date & Location

Show Location: Tompkins High School

(4400 Falcon Landing Blvd. Katy 77494)

Performance Date: Sunday, December 16th 

Performance Times: 3:00 pm & 5:30 pm

Call Times: 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal Date & Location

Dress Rehearsal Location: Tompkins High School

(4400 Falcon Landing Blvd. Katy 77494)

Saturday, December 15th 

Between the times of 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Dances will have specific call times

Tickets (sold separately via online)

$15 front section, $12 middle section, $10 back section

(Parents who volunteer as a class parent will receive $10 off their tickets purchased. You can sign up to volunteer when the packet is released in November.)



All costumes are rented from Pointe of Grace Dance Studio. All costumes must be returned to the studio the week of December 17th-22nd during office hours. If costumes are not returned, damaged in any way, or lost your account will be charged $75 to replace the costume. 


The schedule is only viewable on a desktop (not mobile device)

What is the difference between Christmas Show and Recital?


1- Christmas Show is optional. If you wish to participate, you have to register. For Recital, all students are automatically registered for each class they take weekly.

For example, if I take a ballet, tap, and jazz technique class a week, then for Christmas Show I can choose to register for all three of the dance or just one. For Recital, since all students are automatically enrolled in all of the classes they take weekly, then I would be in a ballet, tap, and jazz recital dance. Ballet/ Tap combo classes will do one style in Christmas Show and the opposing style in Recital. 

2- For Christmas Show, all costumes are rented from Pointe of Grace and returned to Pointe of Grace the week after the show. For Recital, dancers keep their costumes.

3- Christmas Show has the same theme, songs, costumes, and dances from year to year. Dancers always look forward to the day they get to be in the advanced jazz "Rockettes" routine! Recital has a different theme every year.

4- For Christmas Show, the dances are learned outside of class in additional Friday or Saturday rehearsals. Students must be able to attend each additional rehearsal in order to participate in the show. For Recital, all dances are learned in the dancers weekly classes. 

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