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Here at Pointe of Grace we call our staff our 'Dream Team'! The title truly fits the bill, as this Dream Team daily goes above and beyond to commit to excellent customer service and thoughtful instruction. 


Our Dream Team Statement:

We understand each dancer has different learning abilities and progresses on different timelines. We also understand each dancer possesses their own passion and should be offered the opportunity to express it. Pointe of Grace’s dream team is committed to understanding this and will work with each dancer to help his/her progress. We believe dance is a journey and each dancer should be guided through this journey with encouragement. We are dedicated to inspiring, training, and guiding dancers of all ages and skill levels to reach their fullest potential without compromising the dancer’s love and joy for the art. We believe great teaching is a combination of passion, drive, refined skills, and simply having fun. We are not just teaching dance, we are teaching life lessons!

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