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What is a master class? 

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A Master Class is a specialized course that is taught by an expert in that style. These classes give dancers the opportunity to spend a period of time focusing on improving their knowledge and technique of a certain style of dance. We believe that bringing in outside choreographers and instructors is integral to a students ability to expand their breadth of knowledge for a particular style of dance. Master classes are an important part of formal dance training. Even when quality instruction is part of the regular curriculum, being part of a class taught by a master instructor can give students fresh insight into their technique and exposure to potential opportunities outside their home studio.

What are the benefits? 

  1. Dancers are exposed to new styles of dance, or have the opportunity to sharpen their skills.

  2. Greatly motivating for young dancers who are aspiring to excel.

  3. It is a way for students to study new styles and techniques.

  4. Dancers are exposed to nationally known teachers without having to travel to NYC or LA.

  5. Classes are a lot of fun and serve as a great way to re-energize a dancer’s drive

  6. Gives dancers the opportunity to step out of their performance comfort zone, while being in the “safety” and familiarity of [Pointe of Grace].

  7. Provide dancers with the opportunity to hear new corrections and see certain dance styles through another teachers eyes.

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