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Pointe Program

We are proud to be taking our pointe program to the next level this season! The improvements we will be making include goal tracking, progress reports, and teacher attended pointe shoe fittings.  

When you sign up for this program your student will either be placed in intro to pre-pointe, pre-pointe, or in a pointe class. The pre-pointe class will be for those who do not have their pointe shoes yet, or for the students who have more recently received their shoes. Pre-pointe students will move to the pointe class once they have received their pointe shoes and have remained in the pre-pointe class long enough to perform the technical progress required for the pointe class. 

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Ms. Dawn, the pointe director, will closely track each dancer’s progress to assure they can safely dance in their shoes. Receiving pointe shoes is such an exciting thing for a young lady and we are proud to support your dancer’s goal in receiving them! 

If you are in the pointe program a recital costume purchase and a Christmas show costume rental may be necessary. 

The pointe program follows the same policies as POG. Our studio policies can be found here. Our COVID policies can be found here.

Summer Pointe Program Times



7:00-7:45 Intro to Pre-Pointe

7:45-8:30 Pre-Pointe

8:30-9:15 Pointe

Pre-requisites for Summer

One POG ballet class in addition to pointe program class 


Competitive Team

Pricing for this program is the same over the summer with no registration fee!

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Fall Pointe Program Times

Coming Soon!


Pointe Program Pricing

$55.00/month to be in our pointe program and includes...

  • All Class Times

  • Parent Communication

  • Goal Tracking

  • Progress Reports

  • Teacher attended pointe shoe fittings

Pricing for this program is the same over

the summer!

Registration Fee

$40.00/student is charged to all POG

students upon registration. If you are

also in a dance class, you do not have

to pay this fee twice. 

Sibling Pricing

Students discounts do not apply to this program

The registration fee for 2 children is $55.00

The registration fee for 3 or more children is $70.00

Pre-Pointe & Pointe Dress Code

Any black style leotard, pink seamed tights (convertible), skirt (optional), and pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes (with teacher's permission). No loose clothing will be permitted into class. All of your dance needs can be found at Gracie's Boutique, located in our studio lobby. No denim, hair in a bun, and all midriffs covered!

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