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"Once Upon a Time"

Pointe of Grace Dance Studio Recital 2017

Saturday, June 3rd 

3 shows: 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm

Tompkins High School Performing Arts Center

All recital information can be viewed in the Recital Packet

Please read thoroughly as it will answer all necessary questions.


Tickets are assigned seating.
$15/ ticket (front section)
$12/ ticket (front rows of the back section)

$10/ticket (back rows of the back section)

Now it's time to purchase your tickets!

  1. Click the below link to redirect you to the ticket purchase page. 

  2. Locate the show time you wish to purchase a ticket for.

  3. Look under 'Price' and select the ticket price you wish to purchase.

  4. Click 'Buy Tickets'.

The cost of tickets was taken off your recital fee this year to allow us to offer online, assigned seating rather than general admission tickets purchased at the studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What performance is my child in? View the above recital packet

  • What age's need to purchase a ticket? Ages 3+

  • If my child is in the show do I need to purchase them a ticket? No

  • If I am a class volunteer do I need to purchase a ticket? No

  • Can my child leave when they are done dancing? All children ages 2-5 classes & K-3rd classes will be checked out during intermission. For the safety of your children no child will be released prior to intermission (unless previous arrangements have been made with the teacher). 

  • Can I bring my child into the audience to watch the rest of Act 2? Absolutely as long as they are done dancing in the show, we encourage having the younger one's watch the older dancers. It is a great way for them to get inspired for what they too will accomplish one day.

  • Will my dancer need a ticket to watch Act 2? No, they can either sit on your lap or you can find an empty seat with them.

  • If I was a class volunteer in Act 1 with my young dancer and wanted to watch Act 2 will I need to purchase a ticket? No, if you were a class volunteer you will not need a ticket to watch Act 2.

  • What is my child's call time? 30 minutes prior to the show.

  • What time will the doors open? 20 minutes prior to the show.

  • When can I pick up the trophy, medal, or flowers I ordered? Prior to the show, during intermission, or after the show in the PAC lobby.

  • If my child is in a 2-5 year old class how will I know where they will be standing on stage? We try our best to have the dancers (ages 2-5) stand in alphabetical order by their first name, reading from left to right. However, we cannot guarantee they will end up in perfect alphabetical order. 

  • If my child is older than 5 how will I know where they are standing on stage? Ask them where they stand in their forms throughout the dance.

Recital Rehearsal Videos

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