New Beginnings

Pointe of Grace New Location!

March has been a busy month for Pointe of Grace! On March 29th we celebrated being in our current Pointe of Grace Studio building for 3 years! BUT! We all know that everyone is excited for Pointe of Grace’s new studio building!!!

What to Be Expecting!

In this new environment we will have 3 different studios for our dancers to take classes in, a large lobby area, a large bathroom area, and a whole lot of space for a lot of fun! Although our walls maybe changing, our values will not be! Our desire for Pointe of Grace is to continue to grow in body, mind, and spirit. To build friendships, teach appropriate dance styles, and to learn about dance in a fun and healthy atmosphere!

Where Is the New Location?

Being a studio located in Katy, we wanted to not be very far from our current location. We understand that families and even children get used to a certain area so we want to respect our dance community and stay in the same general location. SO! Our new location address is 2250 South Mason Rd. If you ever pass the new location feel free to take a pe

When Will the Studio Be Open?

Well! As you can see in the photos we have some build out to do! Giving an exact date this early is tricky because it could take longer than we originally thought… SO! We hope to have this studio open and in use by MAY! We are so excited and cannot wait to see how Pointe of Grace and the Katy community will continue to grow. We love you all!!!

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