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Summer: Our pointe program will continue in the fall with Miss Katy. If you are en pointe you may sign up for ballet #2 for soft shoes and ballet #1 for your pointe shoes. 

2023-2024 Pointe Program

Our pointe program is for students who love ballet and want to make their pointe shoe dreams come true! This program includes goal tracking, progress reports, and teacher-attended pointe shoe fittings. 

This program is available for grades 1st-12th. We offer 3 levels: pre-pointe one, pre-pointe two, and en pointe. If you are unsure what level to sign up for, feel free to send us an email.


Of these three classes, two of them are a pre-pointe style class and one is a pointe class. The pre-pointe class will be for those who do not have their pointe shoes yet, or for the students who have more recently received their shoes. Pre-pointe students will move to the en pointe class once they have received their pointe shoes and have remained in the pre-pointe class long enough to perform the technical progress required for the pointe class. 

Each student must also be enrolled in a POG ballet class in order to join the pointe program. Our pointe program will perform in Christmas show and recital and all of the associated fees will apply.

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Fall Pricing

One Time Registration Fee: $45.00

If you are in one of our pre-pointe classes (45 minutes long) your monthly tuition is $64.00. If you are En Pointe (hour-long class) the tuition is $82.00 per month. Pointe program tuition includes class time, pointe shoe fittings, progress reports, a pointe director, as well as parent communication.

Upon registering you will pay your last month's (May '23) tuition as well as your one-time registration fee of $45.00. August tuition will be prorated as it is a shorter month and will be charged on 8/14/23. September-April's tuition will be charged on the first of each month.


Our multi-class & sibling discounts do not apply to this program.


6:30-7:30 Pre-Pointe Level One (2nd-3rd)

7:30-8:30 Pre-Pointe Level Two (4th+)

8:30-9:00 En Pointe (for students who have pointe shoes)

email us at if you have questions regarding leveling

all leveling is ultimately up to our director, Miss Katy


Every pointe program member must be signed up for a POG ballet class. To find the proper ballet class for your grade and to view our class pricing visit this page.

Dress Code

Any black style leotard, pink seemed theatrical tights (can be purchased in our lobby), skirt (optional), and pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes (with teacher's permission). No loose clothing will be permitted into class. All of your dance needs can be found at Gracie's Boutique, located in our studio lobby. No denim, hair in a bun, and all midriffs covered!

Pointe Program Director

Katy Huss

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